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  1. Nghiêm Nham

    Bài viết:
    Tet is one of the most vital festivals in my country. It is a big holiday that celebrates the arrival of spring in Vietnam every year. The Vietnamese celebrate Tet with sacred love for their preceding generations and families.

    Before Tet holiday begins, it takes about 7 days to clean and decorate their homes with flowers, traditional prints or festive slogans as well as to pay tribute to their ancestors. Typical items sold in Tet markets included lush Dong leaves, bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Another pleasure of traditional markets is buying Dong Ho paintings which are drew by nature color. These prints and drawings are meant to bring serenity and prosperity for the whole family in the year ahead. There are a lot of popular customs of Vietnamese people on Tet holiday such as the five fruit trays, wrapping Chưng cakes, preparing cults and memorial meals to invite the deceased to enjoy the holidays. For example, after making year-end sacrifices, Vietnamese love to extend wishes of good health and fortune to their fellows, and avoid mentioning their ancestors' birth names or past mistakes. Those who have done wrong are treated with forgiveness and tolerance. On New Year's Eve, adults will pick twigs with small buds and pray for fortune and happiness in local pagodas. Besides, older people can gather to chat or have meals together, while youngsters can play folk games such as hide and seek, blindfolded pot striking, cock fights or Lim wrestling festival.

    Moreover, they also give lucky money and letters to the senior and junior whenever they visit their relatives. Lucky money used to take the form of symbolic coins in a cent unit which were given to represent proliferation, progress and flourishing. These days, coins have been replaced by notes which present red envelopes containing crisp new bank notes. Letter giving can be wrote by the tradition of scholars with their dark ink and red papers which represents our respect for studying and knowledge.

    In conclusion, although throughout Vietnam's long history, in both war and peace, Tet is always the time when members of family could join together to celebrate and look forward to a brighter future.

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    Cụm từ quan trọng:

    Preceding generation: Thế hệ đi trước

    Bring st for sb: Đem lại cái gì

    Five fruit tray: Mâm ngũ quả

    Hide and seek: Trò chơi trốn tìm

    Blindfolded pot striking: Trò bịt mắt đập niêu

    Cock fight: Trọi gà

    Lim wrestling festival: Hội Lim (hát quan họ trên sông và những hoạt động khác như đấu vật)
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