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    The festival of Ba Chua Xu Mountain Mount is held at the end of the fourth lunar month every year to attract millions of people to visit and worship, creating a bustling and vibrant festival season in Ba Chua Xu temple, town. Chau Doc town, An Giang province.

    Thousands of people accompanied the procession of the statue of Ba.


    Anecdotes about Lady Xu.

    In the 1820s, Siamese soldiers frequently harassed the borders of our country. When coming to Sam Mountain, seeing the statue of Grandma, they took advantage of all the ways to carry her statue down the mountain, but when she was able to walk a short distance, it was strange, the statue suddenly became heavy with dozens of handsome soldiers as well. Can't stand. At that time, one of the enemies got angry, kicked the statue and broke a part of his left arm and was immediately punished painfully.

    Some time later, many people in the village always dreamed that the statue of Ba currently came to claim herself as the Lady of the Land, dreaming of the villagers carrying her down the mountain to set up a shrine, she would bless the wind and make peace and protect the villagers from victims of grass. So the whole village raised the statue of Ba Chua Xu down the mountain to build a worshiping shrine, but for some reason, all the strong men in the village could not raise her statue. At that time, a girl claimed to be the Mother of the Holy Mother and said that she only needed 9 virgin girls to carry her. As expected, 9 girls moved her easily and when she reached the foot of the mountain, the statue became heavy and could not be moved, the villagers understood that she had chosen this position to make her temple.

    The statue of Grandma about 165cm tall, according to the French archaeologist Malleret, came to study in 1941, the statue of her is the type of statue of Visnu, the figure of the person sitting and thinking of the royal noble. Quality in stone, with high artistic value, can be sculpted at the end of the sixth century. According to some other studies, she is a long-forgotten Khmer statue of a male Buddha on the top of Sam Mountain. Vietnamese people put statues into shrines, points of re-becoming Lady God of authority. However, at the present time, the statue of Ba Chua Xu still remains a mystery.

    At first, Ba Chua Xu Temple was built quite sketchily, lying on low land and covered with bamboo leaves, the back turned to the cliff, the main hall looked out at the village road and the field was full. After many times of restoration, in 1992, the national relic of Ba Chua Xu Temple completed quite a scale with the area of Dong Lang, Tay Lang, Chanh Dien, and guest houses.. Right at the main hallway, there are sentences that express authority. The spirit of Lady Lord of the Land:

    Bridge all applications, all spirituality, medium-sized dreams

    Siam is good, Thanh is a devotee.

    Translation means:

    May all, be certain, the spirit, said dream

    The Siamese were afraid, the Thanh had to be respectful and unimaginable.

    Unique Ba Chua Xu festival

    After construction, the shrine is called Tu from a governing caretaker. Initially, worshiping activities were quite sporadic and simple, but after 1870, when the temple was renovated nicely, it attracted the people of the cross, so the Lady's Festival from there became popular. The festival starts from the night of April 23 to April 27 on the lunar calendar, the main day is the 25/4 lunar calendar, the day when the statue is peaceful after carrying down the mountain. The rituals of worship will be performed in the village by traditional incense. Before celebrating the rituals, on the 10th day of the third lunar month, the shrine management board elected the ceremony owner with criteria such as being over 60 years old and still healthy, and enough wives and husbands, enough children. Boys and girls and good morality.

    On the night of April 23, the morning of April 24, the bathing ceremony was conducted according to formal ceremonies. The statue will be wiped with perfumed water, replaced with new clothes, and the old clothes will be cut and given to the guests as a form of peace and prayer.

    The ceremony of the monument to Thoai Ngoc Hau about Ba temple was conducted at 15: 00 on April 24 of the lunar calendar. Legend has it that Thoai Ngoc Hau is a famous general of Nguyen Dynasty, who used to be the town of Vinh Thanh town, who had great merits in the process of reclaiming and setting up hamlets, digging embankments, building and protecting new lands. One of the biggest contributions of Thoai Ngoc Hau is Sam - Chau Doc mountain road, 5km long, built from 1826 to 1827, mobilized nearly 4500 employees. After finishing, he engraved beer "Chau Doc Tan Lo Kieu Luong" erected at Mount Sam in 1828 to celebrate. Today, beer plates are no longer available but there are epitaphs in history books. The elders in the village and the Management Board of the shrine wore formal dress to Thoai Ngoc Hau mausoleum to serve as a ceremony to receive the homage of Ngoc Hau Nguyen Van Thoai to express gratitude to the person who has publicly destroyed this wild land.

    Tuc Yet Ceremony was held on the night of the 25th and the morning of April 26th. The ceremony is carried out in the following order: Incense offering, death wish, tea donation, reading literature. In the end, the culture was cultivated with a few votive papers. After the ceremony of the Tet holiday, it was the Ceremony of Singing - Hat Boi by a connoisseur of rituals and prestige in the Temple at Ba Temple to carry out the training to sing the prayers for the Thai people and the wind and the wind.

    Sacrifice ceremony takes place at 4 am on April 26 and finally, on the afternoon of April 27, will bring Thoai Ngoc Hau to the tomb.

    Part of the festival took place very enthusiastically with the ceremony, the folk art and cultural activities performed such as lion dance, dance dance, cup dance.. attracting the attention and participation of the tourists.. The opening ceremony is usually held on the night before the Grand Shower, which is the pre-traditional part. The festival program is quite unique and rich with stage performances such as performing dragon lion dance, flower car parade or Khmer folk music. After that, the ritual will be carried out in the sense of recreating the context of the procession of the Ba statue from the legend of Sam Mountain.

    Every year, Ba Chua Xu Temple attracts thousands of visitors to pilgrimage to worship, contribute to the renovation of the temple. In addition to renovating the temple, the Management Board uses a part of the contribution to social welfare.

    Thanks to the Feast of the Lady of the Land, every year, the people participating in the festival helped to generate income for the local people, life gradually became more stable.

    Vía Ba Chua Xu festival is always a unique community culture of ethnic groups, a characteristic spiritual pilgrimage of the Southern region. The meaning of the Festival does not stop at spiritual culture, but also shows national pride with the glorious glorious pages as well as contributions to society. Tourists come to the Festival not only to participate in a regional culture, but also to witness firsthand the historical evidence that our father had built and preserved.
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