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    Have you ever eaten dog meat? I know, eating dog meat, people do, people don't. And today, We will share our view of the fierce debate that "Should or shouldn't Vietnam ban dog meat?".

    And our answer is no. Vietnam shouldn't ban dog meat.

    We discourage all of the people from eating dog meat, nor critical of those who don't eat dog meat, even those who call for a dog meat ban.

    Our presentation aims to give the best view for those who don't eat dog meat to be respectful, friendly, understanding, and non-extreme.

    Our presentation has 4 parts:

    • The first one is Dog meat is a long-standing and extremely delicious dish. I will show you this reason.
    • The next one, some nutritional values of dog meat.
    • Although eating dog meat has many good points, we can't deny it still has bad points
    • Some solutions will be effective in Vietnam.

    Ok, let's start with part one.

    The first time I ate dog meat, I was amazed. It's a kind of red meat, quite fatty, and extremely fragrant. Take a cross between beef and mutton, add extra meaty flavoring, and you've got the taste of dog.

    Dog meat has a lot of recipes. But It is well-known as "cay to 7 mon" meaning 7 different dishes.

    Wipe your mouth, you are drooling?

    1. Steamed dog

    2. Grilled dog

    3. Dog stew. The color of this dish like the resin of apricot tree. So they call is "rựa mận"

    4. Stir-fried dog with bamboo sprouts, often eating with rice noodles.

    5. Blood sausage

    6. Blood pudding/Dog's blood curds

    7. Braised dog with the bulb of banana-tree

    When eating dog meat, Vietnamese people often combine it with mam tom (shrimp paste) and la mo (apricot leaves). The combination of meat, shrimp paste, and apricot leaves create a unique taste like having a symphony in the mouth.
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