Tiếng Anh Page Business Insider Said That Vietnam Tourism Will Not Be Complete Without The Experience Of Halon

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    Page Business Insider said that Vietnam tourism will not be complete without the experience of Halong Bay, explore caves and join yacht tours here.

    According to Business Insider, Halong Bay is famous as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Vietnam. The name of this natural heritage in Vietnamese means "where the dragon flies down".

    According to local legend, the bay consists of many small islands formed when dragons converted mountains into shores. Its tail is carved into large valleys and cracks, until the dragon lies under the water, the whole area is submerged and only the peaks remain.

    Halong Bay is located on the northeast coast of Vietnam, featuring the magical beauty of jade green water. It is home to many small limestone islands surrounded by tropical rainforests.

    Halong Bay is a popular tourist destination with the type of boat, yacht and cave exploration. Business Insider judged "no one Vietnam tour could be complete without the experience of Ha Long Bay".
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