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    Bài viết:
    viết mail hỏi thông tin về khóa học

    To: [email protected]

    From: [email protected]

    Subject: Requesting info about a master program

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this email to request information about the Master's program in Electronic Engineering at Hanoi.

    I am interested in the Master's program and I want to know some info about:

    1. Curriculars

    2. Professors

    3. Facilities

    4. Tuition fees

    Please send this information to my email [email protected]

    Should you have any questions, please phone me at (contact me on my cell phone at) 0988-888-888

    I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Yours faithfully,

    Tran Văn A​

    Viết email ứng tuyển để trả lời vị trí tuyển dụng được quảng cáo sau:

    Dear Sir,

    I am writing this email to apply for the position of that I saw advertised on your official website yesterday. I am interested in working in this position with your company.

    For the past 1 year, I have been working in a local company and I have experience in electronic field. I do hope that ny qualifications and experience will meet your requirements for this position.

    I am looking forward to working with your company. You can contact me for any details required.



    Viết email cho người quản lý và viết ra loại công cụ, số lượng bạn cần và giá của chúng.

    From: Ab

    To: Atkinson

    Date: 09/02/2021

    Subject: Ordering some tools

    Dear Mr. Atkinson,

    Thank you for sending your catalog of tools so promptly. I'd like to order the following items:

    Item Quantity Unit Price Total

    1 Phillips screwdriver 3 $15 $45

    2 Wire strippers 2 $6.5 $13

    3 Socket wrench 2 $12.5 $25

    4 Flashlight 1 $25 $25

    5 Utility knife 2 $10.5 $21

    Total: $129

    I will pay $129 in cash on delivery. Please deliver the goods by May, 18th. Please mail the tools to the address: A Commune, B District, C Province.

    If you need more information, you may contact me on my cell phone at 09693464611 or by email at [email protected] .



    Tran Van ab

    Viết mail phàn nàn

    Nhu Hoa

    Hai Ba Trung Street

    [email protected]

    March 3, 2021


    I am unhappy with the quality of the mobile phone I bought on 18 December.

    It has a broken battery and I can't turn it on. I tried many ways and charged the battery but it still failed. I spoke to the company representative a week ago and I am writing to change to a new mobile phone.

    I have attached a photocopy of my receipt as proof of purchase.

    I would like to have this problem fixed quickly, please.

    You can contact me on 985355 to discuss this matter further.

    Yours faithfully,

    Nhu Hoa
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