Tiếng Anh How To Cook The Rice Cultural Potential Soybean Soy

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    How to cook the rice cultural potential soybean soy

    Whoever went to the west of the river will surely have heard the name of the European fish noodle soup. A specialty dish here where anyone who passes by must come to enjoy it. Prepared from the delicious snakehead fish with the scent of crazy cotton, the season of floating water will make the Bun Chau Doc more delicious than ever. Today, let's join us to learn how to make this delicious fish sauce vermicelli dish.


    - Copper snakehead fish

    - Turmeric

    - Pig bone

    - Lemon, chili

    - Bun

    - Garlic and lemongrass

    - Grilled sauce and vermicelli

    - Along with some spices such as seasoning seeds, salt, sugar, oil..


    Step 1: We proceed to process the materials. First we prepare raw fish, snakehead fish we should choose the snakehead fish so that the meat is more fragrant and delicious, the snakehead fish will make it easier for us to eat the meat. The snakehead fish after being brought back, we scrape the fish scales, remove the gills and use the salt to rub the fish body so that the viscous part on the fish body is clean. Wash the fish thoroughly with water.

    Step 2: Snakehead fish after cleaning we bring snakehead fish to boil, we boil about 20 minutes, the snakehead fish is cooked. We picked up the snakehead fish and then let it cool and then used the hand to remove the lean meat, remove the bone.

    Step 3: Pork bone after buying we wash it with water and then put it in the boiled water to boil. My lemongrass is washed, crushed and put into the bone water for aroma. In the process of boiling water, we use a racket to remove foam to make the water more clear.

    Step 4: After you buy it, we use banana leaf to tie it, then bake it for aroma. I put the scallop in the cup and then put some filtered water back to clean. Fresh turmeric and steamed rice vermicelli are crushed and then put into a cup with a little water, we filter the water and remove the body.

    Step 5: Copper snakehead fish after being boiled, remove the lean part, then marinate a bit of seasoning, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, turmeric powder. We marinate fish for about 10 minutes to soak the flavor, then put in a saucepan and stir-fry the spices and permeate the fish.

    Step 6: For European fish noodles, you need to have a cup of rich sauce to accompany. Add a pinch of seasoning and sugar to the cup, then add a little boiling water to stir the spice to dissolve, add some minced garlic, minced chili and delicious fish sauce to stir, add a little lemon juice for bold. So I have a perfect cup of sauce.

    Step 7: Cooked pot of water we catch up on the stove to boil, for all sauce, turmeric, rice noodles, garlic and minced lemongrass with cooked lean fish and cooked together. We boil a large fire to boil then boil the seasoning to taste. I turn off the stove and put the pot down. So we have finished processing the delicious fish rice vermicelli noodles.

    We put vermicelli with raw vegetables in the bowl and then we put the broth on the fish, we give a lot of water to the noodles and vegetables. Chan added a bit of spicy fish sauce to eat with, it was too great. Especially in raw vegetables must have crazy cotton, the new dish is more attractive.

    With simple processing steps, we already have a delicious western fish noodle bowl. A rustic dish that is extremely attractive, makes the specialties of the river region with only simple ingredients in the countryside. Go to the kitchen to cook fish noodle soup for the whole family to enjoy.
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