[Lyrics] Friend Like Me - Will Smith

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    Singer: Will Smith​

    Here I go!

    Uh, ooh, whooo!

    Back up

    Uh oh

    Watch out!

    Uh, you done wound me up!

    Bout to show you what I'm working with!

    Uhh, well, Ali Baba he had them 40 thieves

    Scheherazade had a thousand tales

    But master you're in luck, because up your sleeves

    You got a brand of magic never fails

    You got some power in your corner now

    Heavy ammunition in your camp

    You got some punch, pizzaz, yahoo and how

    All you gotta do is rub that lamp

    And I'll then say


    Man, what's your name?


    What will your pleasure be?

    Let me take your order, I'll jot it down

    You ain't never had friend like me!

    Life is your restaurant and I'm your maitre'd

    Come whisper to me whatever it is you want

    You ain't never had friend like me!

    We pride ourselves on service

    You the boss, the king, the shah

    Say what you wish,

    It's yours! True dish!

    How 'bout a little more baklava?

    Have some of column A

    Try all of column B

    I'm in the mood to help you, dude

    You ain't never had friend like me!

    Ohh! Uhhh!

    It's the big part! Watch out!

    It's the big part, oh!

    Can your friends do this?

    Can your friends do that?

    Can your friends pull this?

    Outta they little hat?

    Can your friends go..

    I'm the Genie of the lamp

    I can sing, rap, dance if you give me a chance!

    Oh! Don't sit there buggy-eyed

    I'm here to answer all your mid-day prayers

    You got me bona fide certified

    Got a genie for your charge d'affaires

    I got a powerful urge to help you out

    So what you wish?

    I really wanna know

    You got a list that's three miles long no doubt

    All you've gotta do is rub like soooo




    One wish or two or three

    Well, I'm on the job, you big nabob

    You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

    You ain't never had a friend, never had a friend

    You ain't never, had a, friend

    Like, meeee!

    You ain't never had a friend like me!

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