[Lyrics] Dear 2045 - Adrianswife

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    Bài hát: Dear 2045.

    Nghệ sĩ: Adrianswife.


    We're killing the earth and that's really fun

    No one believes us because we are young

    Are forests are turning to ash in a second ask California they'll tell you about it

    They'll tell you bout how they've lost all there homes why'll Trump turns a blind eye and tweets on his phone!

    Globle warnings and expensive little houx

    For the last time thins is not a joke!

    Our factory's are working toxins emitting the ozons is crumbling and we won't stop putting chemicals in what we're trying to breath

    Our future in stolen and we are the thieves

    Sea levels are rising and ice burgs are mealting the coral reads are dying and no one is helping!

    Don't you realize they keep the ocean alive? This started in 1985!

    Don't come to me when your chiled cant breath of what a tiger is because they are extinct

    Don't cry to me when your fur coat ain't clean the endangered list is now 41, 416.

    Dear 2045 I don't think we're gonna survive

    If you end up hearing this story

    I just wannna say..

    I'm sorry
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