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    I. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each sentence.

    16. Mary has never cooked?

    A. Hasn't she

    B. Has she

    C. Does she

    D. Doesn't she

    17. He couldn't afford to.. his car repaired.

    A. Pay

    B. Do

    C. Get

    D. Make

    18. We don't think the white shirt.. him.

    A. Matches

    B. Suits

    C. Agrees

    D. Gets on

    19. When he retires, he will spend all his.. on the charity.

    A. Capital

    B. Bills

    C. Savings

    D. Cheques

    20. She said that she.. the cold weather.

    A. Used to

    B. Didn't use to

    C. Couldn't get used to

    D. Get used to

    21. Peter: "I enjoy listening to pop music."

    Maria: "..."

    A. I'm too.

    B. I don't.

    C. Neither do I.

    D. So am I.

    22. He accused him.. breaking the vase.

    A. With

    B. About

    C. For

    D. Of

    23. Mike: "Would you like to have dinner with me?"

    Jane: "..."

    A. Yes, I'd love to.

    B. Yes, so do I.

    C. I'm very happy.

    D. Yes, it is.

    24. The child was sent to the.. after her parents died in an accident.

    A. Exhibition

    B. Hospital

    C. Factory

    D. Orphanage

    25. You should stop spending more money.. you'll end up in debt.

    A. Unless

    B. If

    C. Otherwise

    D. In case

    II. Supply the correct tense/form of the verbs in the parentheses.

    26. He said that he (look).. for a job the following week.

    27. Ms. Li was badly hurt in a car accident. If she (wear).. her seat belt, she (28. Not hurt).. so badly.

    29. We (make).. to work hard last week by the teacher.

    30. Listen to those people! What language they (speak) ?

    31. When I met Tom yesterday, it was the first time I (see).. him since Christmas.

    32. We watched the children jump from a window and (fall).. into blanket.

    33. The children are making a lot of noise now. I (be).. afraid they (34. wake ).. up my father, who (35. sleep ).. in the next room.

    III. Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

    36. Our school has a lot of.. teacher.


    37. My teacher.. me to take this examination.


    38. He's an.. child who likes telling stories.


    39. The shoes were very nice, but they were..


    40.computer is one of the greatest.. of the 20th century.


    41. To win the gold medal you have to beat all the other..

    (compete )

    42. I had my trousers.. because they were too short.

    (long )

    43. It is very.. for you to go alone on the road at night.


    44.. has caused many so-called man-made disasters.


    45. I watch the news everyday because it very..



    I. Read the following passage and choose the best option from 46 to 51 to complete it.


    Weather influences the lives of everyone. The climate of any country depends on its position on earth, its (46).. from the sea and how high it is. In countries which have sea all around them, like Britain and New- Zealand, winters are mild, and summers are cool. There is not a huge change from one season to (47).. Countries near the Equator have hot weather all year with some hard rain, except in deserts where it rains (48).. little. Above the desert there are no clouds in the sky so the light of the sun can easily warm the ground during the day but it gets very cold at night. People are not always (49).. in unusual weather. Strong winds and rain can (50).. a lot of damage to buildings and in spite of modern tools of weather forecasting, they can (51).. surprise us.

    46. A. Distance B. Space C. Depth D. Length

    47. A. Next B. Another C. Later D. Other

    48. A. Not B. More C. Quite D. Slight

    49. A. Attracted B. Interested C. Keen D. Excited

    50. A. Make B. Happen C. Have D. Cause

    51. A. Still B. Yet C. Already D. Ever

    II. Read the following passage then choose the best option.

    Computerization has changed high school education in many ways. In early 1980s only 20% of high school teachers in the US used computers. However, since then high schools in the US have computerized rapidly. In 1987, school acquired about 1.5 million computers with 95% of the schools having at least one computer. At school, teachers can use a computer to bring texts, sound and pictures into a classroom. With a computer, they can readily attract and retain students' attention.computers can also speed up the teaching process and make difficult- to- explain ideas straight forward. This means that teachers can spend more time answering students' questions and catering for other needs.computer software can shorten the learning process by illustrating real world applications of abstract theories.

    52. What is the main idea of the text?

    A.computers uses in the US. B. Students' using computer for studying.

    C. Uses of computers as a teaching aid. D. Applications of computer software.

    53. According to the passage, which sentence is not true?

    A.computerization is not done at high school.

    B. Students can get data from computers.

    C. Teachers can use the computer to attract students.

    D. Teachers can store data in a computer.

    54. The word "they" in line 5 refers to..

    A. Teachers B. Students C.computers D. Teaching aids

    55. In 1987..

    A. All teachers could use computers.

    B. 5% of the schools hadn't got any computer.

    C.computers were first used as a teaching aid.

    D. 150000 computers were used at schools.

    56. With a computer..

    A. Nothing can be done for both teachers and students.

    B. Students don't have to learn their lessons.

    C. Teachers must spend a lot of time explaining the lesson.

    D. Teachers can speed up their teaching process.

    57. The word "catering" in line 8 is closest in meaning to..

    A. Supplying B. Preparing C. Mentioning D. Helping

    III. Fill in each of the gaps in the passage below with only one suitable word.

    No one really knows(58).. rice came from. Some scientists (59).. it started to grow in two places. They think that one kind of rice grew in Southern Asia thousands of (60).. ago. Someone in China wrote (61).. it almost 5, 000 years ago. Another kind probably (62).. in West Africa. Other (63).. think rice came from India, and Indian travelers took it to other parts of the world.

    These are two main ways to grow rice. Upland rice grows in dry soil. Most rice grows in wet (64).. People in many countries do all of the work by hand. This is the same way farmers worked hundreds of years ago. Some countries now use machines on their rice farms. The farmers all use (65).. to protect their rice fields from insects.


    I. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that its meaning stays the same as the original sentence.

    66. People think that the government will build a new hospital for children here.

    - > The government..

    67. Due to the weather condition, the football match was cancelled.

    - > If it..

    68. I realized how much I loved my country only after I had left it.

    - > Only..

    69. He is excited about going to Greece on holiday.

    - > He is looking..

    70. No explanation is necessary.

    - > It is..

    II. Use the word given in brackets and make any necessary additions to write a new sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence. DO NOT change the form of the given word.

    71. She has always had a good relationship with the children. (got)

    72. The weather was bad, so we didn't go out. (Because)

    73. After being in England for a year, I still find driving on the left difficult. (used)

    74. We have never been to Van Mieu before. (time)

    75. My child cannot sit still for 15 minutes. (impossible)

    III. Do you agree or disagree with the idea that "Reading is, nowadays, of little importance to students?". Write about 150 words to support your opinion.

    ------THE END------
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