Tiếng Anh Các Cụm Động Từ Và Thành Ngữ Hay Gặp Nhất - Phrasal Verbs And Idioms

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    Phrasal verbs and idioms

    1. Take sb in = deceive sb: Make sb believe that sth is not true (lừa dối)

    Eg: I will never believe him anymore. He took me in and I'm still very angry.

    2. Speed up >< slow down: Go more quickly >< go more slowly (tăng tốc ><giảm tốc)

    Eg: Speed up. The time is running out.

    3. Stand-in (for sb) : Sb who takes another person's place for a short period of time espeacially to do their job (người thay thế)

    Eg: He just a stand-in for Linda. She is absent today.

    4. Put sth up = build sth: Xây dựng cái gì

    Eg: This school was put up in 2005.

    5. Ask sb for sth: Want sb to give you sth

    Eg: I asked him for some mercy but he didn't give me any.

    (mercy: Sự thương xót, lòng thương người)

    6. Ask after sb = ask about: To ask information about sb, especially about their health

    Eg: John visted to ask after me when I just had headed/gone back home from the hospital.

    7. Ask around: To ask a lot of different people in order to get information or help

    Eg: The beggar asked around in the street but nobody gave him any.

    8. Ask sb in: To invite sb to come into a building or room, especially your home

    Eg: John asked me in to take part in his birthday party.

    9. Ask sb out: To invite sb to come with you to a place especially as a way of starting a romatic relationship

    Eg: A handsome boy asked me out when he saw me at your party.

    10. Stay in: Stay at home

    Eg: Today is a rainy day so I don't want to go out. I just want to stay in to sleep.
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