[Lyrics] Brand New Day - Wishuponacrane

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    Bài hát: Brand New Day

    Nghệ sĩ: Wishuponacrane


    This appeared as a moral dilemma

    Cause at first it was werid

    Though i swore to eliminate the worst of the plague

    That devoured humanity

    It's true vague on the how so how can it be that you

    Have shown me the light..

    It's a BRAND NEW DAY

    And the sun is HIGH

    All the bird are singing

    That you're gonna DIE

    How i hesitated

    And now i wonder why?

    It's a brand new day..

    All the times that beat me unconscious i forgive

    All the crimes incomplete

    In all honesty

    I'll live

    Mister cool

    Mister right

    Mister know it all is through

    Now the future's so bright and i owe it all to you

    Show me the light..

    It's a brand new ME

    I got no remorse

    Now the water's rising but i know the course

    I'm gonna SHOCK the world

    Gonna show bad horse

    It's a brand new day

    And Penny will see the Evil Me

    Not a joke not a dork not a failture

    And she may cry but her tears will dry

    When i hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia

    It's a brand new day

    Yeah the sun is high

    All the angels sing

    Because you're gonna die

    Go ahead and LAUGH

    Yeah I'm a FUNNY guy

    Tell everyone GOODBYE..

    It's a brand new day..
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