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Thảo luận trong 'Làm Quen' bắt đầu bởi Hoàng Giang LeCo, 14 Tháng mười hai 2018.

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    Traveling with bicycles helps us explore more and more destinations, not only for good health, but also to help reduce carbon emissions. Viet Nam has a beautiful bicycle path, including a journey along the Mekong.

    After a journey of 4900km, the Mekong River majestically poured into the sea, carrying abundant alluvium provided to the people of the river. This is a flat area with fertile land, stunning scenery and biodiversity. On the bike, we can leisurely cross the fields, to orchards and countless canals. From the charming little villages, take a boat ride, taste seasonal tropical fruits, enjoy local cuisine.

    This is a flat and fertile area, with immense villages with stunning scenery. We can ride the bike through rice paddies, orchards or canals. Take in the charming villages, step on the boat selling tropical fruits and enjoy the bold flavors of indigenous people. Discovering tranquil canals, winding roads, bridges, or farms is an exciting experience along the Me Kong River on two wheels.

    Having said that, the guides in the Mekong are great, they have arranged for us to have the best bike tour. Discover deep in the heart of the Mekong.

    The fact is that we have come to the orchard and enjoy only the tropical fruits.

    We appreciate the Mekong River's Lecohinchine, which strong boat the deep-sea routes of the Mekong region so that we have the most resources to study the land.

    Strong boats, surfing with waves, take our delegation Next along the river to check out the Mekong Bicycle program

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