Expectancy of life is more 10 years when visting mekong

Thảo luận trong 'Làm Quen' bắt đầu bởi Hoàng Giang LeCo, 14 Tháng mười hai 2018.

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    We came to Vietnam for the first time after getting married

    We decided to visit Ho Chi Minh City-Mekong-Phu Quoc-Hoi An and then visit Hanoi. This is a tour itinerary we hope will keep a beautiful memory to the end of life. Coming to Ho Chi Minh City in the morning, the scene here is very close. People are also very friendly, delicious food. By the way, Ho Chi Minh City we take Lecochinchine Cruise to visit the floating market, the river alluvium of Western Vietnam.

    We are older people, but are served very caring, thoughtful. The boys on the cruise were lovely, happy, relaxed and helped us walk a lot. We can visit the market on the river, visit the farmer's garden, visit the granary of alluvium. In the afternoon, we are relaxed and enjoy hot honey tea and foot massage. My legs are very tired and relaxed after walking.

    Things to massage just have in Vietnam

    Ginger, lemongrass, grapefruit peel, lemongrass oil, warm water, I feel like a therapy to recover my body. My life seems to be stretched after a foot massage on board the Lecochinchine.

    If you want to have a fun trip, be sure to book the Lecochinchine Mekong river cruise, we high recommend

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